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College Break Training Camp


welcome home.

In our  4-week College Training Camp we are committed to maximizing your potential before your 2023-24 campaign begins .  Since 2019, we have been a leader in developing athletes and maximizing potential.  Professional sports performance as well as  elite lacrosse skill development has always been our foundation and we couldn't be more grateful to continue to assist athletes in dominating their performance on and off the field.


In this environment you can expect to develop your power, agility, speed, and elite lacrosse skill through our intensive & focused 120-minute training session. The benefits of this program do not only lie in elite development and dominating the field but also in the ability to train along side other like minded individuals who are on one mission this preseason; maximizing potential and dominating the details. 

We look forward to seeing you week one!



plans & pricing:

3 day  |  12 Sessions - $420

4 day  |  16 sessions - $480

Days: M T TH F

Time: 9:30am - 11:3Oam 

Schedule: 9:30 = Weight room  |  10:30  = skill development 

Location:  Fortitude Strength Delaware Plaza  - Delmar NY 12054  

(Next to Los Ponchos)


*Scheduling sent out each Sunday & scheduled via online app*

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