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Summer Session Training Camp

Are you the dominant player you deserve to be?

Did you producing each game like you know you could? 

Are you training in a way that will guarantee  your greatest potential every match up?

Our professional Summer Session Off-Season Training is proven to assist you in improving your overall athletic performance and lacrosse skill which will take your game to the next level .


This  10 week elite training camp will develop your performance such as, but not limited to; strength, power, speed,  as well as physical and mental agility. We also dedicate each session to profossional lacrosse skill development. Developing lacrosse skills such as but not limited to passing, catching, dodging, defense, shooting, off ball, clearing,  and much more.

Each athlete will set baseline metrics and dedicate each session to improving  weaknesses, maintaining strengths, and acquiring new skill which will greatly improve their performance both on and off the field.


 Whether looking to earn your scholarship, make your varsity program, or win your team the championship in the final seconds; this professional off-season training will give you the edge you and your team deserve. 

If you believe you're ready to join the team this off-season

Payment plan options:

Silver (2x | 20 sessions) : $1,000

Gold (3x | 30 sessions ): $1,200

Hybrid (2x | 1PT ) : $2,100

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