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Fortitude Lacrosse Academy
Off-season Training Camp 

6 week training camp


 9/17 - 10/29 

4pm - 6pm 


For the first time ever, Fortitude Strength will be hosting an off-season training camp for the ladies of Colonie and Niskayuna. For 6 weeks, these ladies will join together for elite lacrosse development. Within this camp, athletes will develop their foundational skills such as passing, catching, and footwork. Athletes will also spend time developing and honing skills that will elevate their ability, raise performance, and also improve their teams overall success. These ladies will have the opportunity to develop elite level skills such as; dodging mechanics, defensive mechanics, offensive & defensive philosophies, plus build their I.Q & much more

We couldn't be more excited to lock in with this great group of ladies and assist them in attaining the levels of success they deserve! 

We will see you soon!

Big love ❤️ 

Alexander Linder

Head Performance & Lacrosse Skills coach 

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