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Fortitude Lacrosse Academy
Preseason Training Camp 


The Why:

Innovation and Impact. That's why. We are here to provide the best training platform for athletes to develop. After being a player, teacher, lacrosse coach, & strength coach I have had the opportunity to observe, listen, serve, and sit down to figure out a solution which moves our community forward and maximizes potential . 


The What: 

Using our split training schedule of Weight Room training and Field Training, athletes will be provided the platform to simultaneously build strength, power, speed, agility as well as lacrosse specific skills; I.E, passing, ground balls shooting, dodging, defense, IQ and more


The How: 

Using elite and professional training principles, we will begin all athletes on a performance assessment which will provide us metrics to guide and track their progress as they train over the 5 week training camp window. For the last 3-4 weeks of training camp, our  field training sessions will begin to transition into a deep dive on the lacrosse-specific skills mentioned above which allows us to fully develop the overall lacrosse player at an elite level. 

Intake 2 .jpg

What is Intake 2?

Intake 2 is the final opportunity to join our elite-team of athletes for our Pre-season training camp. 

Intake 2 begins halfway through our 10 week training camp, providing athletes with 5 weeks of professional performance and skill development to assist them in dominating the 2024 season ahead.

Intake 2 athletes will have the opportunity to select from a 2 or 3 day training window. As our intake 1 athletes have first priority, Intake 2 athletes will have the opportunity to schedule the following days & times:


Wednesdays : 7:05pm - 9:05pm 

Thursdays : 7:05pm - 9:05pm

Fridays: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

All athletes interested in joining our elite-team of athletes for the remainder of our Preseason training will be required to attend one of our Intake 2 assessment sessions: 

Saturday -  2.3 @ 6pm-730pm


Sunday  2.4 @ 6pm-730pm


This assessment session will allow us to gather the metrics needed to track your growth and progress along side our athletes as well as provide the opportunity for us to introduce you to our principles, philosophies, and purpose.

We are beyond grateful and excited to see you soon!

Training Packages:

The Academy Silver  : 10 total sessions

The Academy Gold : 15 sessions

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