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Speed, Agility, & Power Training:

Looking to gain or keep your competitive edge?

Look no further than our elite in-season speed, agility , and power training program!


This 8 week block is designed to assist athletes in maintaining as well as improving their speed, agility, & power as they look to dominate the competition all season long. 

Lacrosse Skill Training:

Are you the threat you deserve to be?


Are you producing like you know you can

Our elite in-season Lacrosse Skills Training is designed to prepare athletes to dominate every possession.


This  8 week elite skills session will keep your skills sharp for when you need them most. Whether looking to earn your spot or win your team the game in the last final seconds; this elite skills training will give you the edge you and your team need.


In-season training plans & pricing: (8 week session) 

1 day  - Silver  - $360 / 8 wk session

2 day - Gold - $670 / 8 wk session

day  - Platinum - $920 / 8 wk session  

*Scheduling sent out each Sunday & scheduled via online app*

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