At Fortitude Strength, there is no guess work involved. Guess work or randomness leads to injury, burnout, or worse; wasting your time. Through industry leading education, application, and the inspiration from our FS family and community, we know what it will take to get the job done. Below you will find our systems for success which will provide you with the best opportunities to finally achieve the goals you set out for.


The drop-in program is the perfect system for anyone looking to achieve their goals; especially if you don't have a proper fitness program in place. Whether your'e aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, become leaner, or just maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle; this is the system for you. 

Each member in this system will have access to book an hour slot on the training floor from 12pm to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. With this system you will also receive an 8 week program which will improve your mobility, stability, and strength. This program also serves as a tool for you to build your arsenal full of the best methods to train and maintain your dream body.


Our Fortitude Strength Semi-private class is strategically crafted with the individual human body, and most importantly, your longevity in mind. Adhering to a progressive program model, the main focus of this class is to improve and maintain mobility, stability, and strength.

This class is a hybrid of body building, power lifting, and Olympic lifting exercises and movements. The programming, coaching, and application of diverse movements will be the key to maintaining strengths, improving weaknesses, and achieving the goals you have set out for yourself.

This class will run for 12 consecutive weeks.  This system is accepting only 6 members for each 12 week cycle in order to have a direct focus on accountability, nutrition, and quality of success for each member. 


Whether an athlete who is looking to become bigger, faster, and stronger or a 9-5 weekday warrior who is looking to lose weight, become leaner, gain strength, and become pain free; the Personal Coaching system is the best system for you.

The Personal Coaching system provides you with an elite 1 on 1 approach to shattering and sustaining your fitness, nutritional, and personal growth goals. Your program design begins with a consultation, client profile, move and work assessment. All the information accumulated from this phase will then be used to design the proper program to suit your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

During the phases of your program, communication and accountability outside of the training studio is paramount to your success. Weekly accountability calls will be used as a great tool, among others, to help us meet your and sustain your goals. We will  also continuously assess during phases of your program to highlight successes, pin-point weaknesses, and aid in proper application. 

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