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Fortitude Lacrosse Academy
Goalie Training Camp 

The Why:

Innovation and Impact. That's why. We are here to provide the best training platform for athletes to develop. After being a player, teacher, lacrosse coach, & strength coach I have had the opportunity to observe, listen, serve, and sit down to figure out a solution which moves our community forward and maximizes potential . 


The What: 

Since 2019, Fortitude Strength has been a leader in assisting high school, college, and professional athletes in maximizing their potential. Over the last 2 years, we have been refining our training camp model which has continued to produce the areas greatest athletes and lacrosse players. We have dedicated  much time to our field players but now the time has come for us to shift our focus and expand opportunities to the commanders of the field. 


Income the Goalie Training Camp


The How: 

Using elite and professional training principles, we will  be hosting our weekend Goalie Training  Camp twice a month (both Saturday & Sunday*). Fortitude Strength will also be partnering with Professional Goalie and Coach with AMB Athletics; Angie Benson. Within this camp, goalies will focus on developing their athletic and performance abilities such as speed, power, & quickness. Improving these qualities will have a tremendous carry over to our goalie skill development. Within our skill development, we will be developing qualities such as saves (high, low, stick-side, off-stick), most effective footwork, clearing, & much much more. 

We could not be more excited for this opportunity ahead! We will also be providing the opportunity for shooters (attack / midfielders) to come in and develop alongside our goalie team. To preserve the quality of coaching and development of our athletes, we will be limiting our goalies to and shooters to 12On Sundays, We will have a VIP opportunity available to just goalies (limited to 10). 

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