COVID-19 precautions


Before day:

  • Will check temperature and upkeep proper hygiene before entering the facility 

  • Will cancel any sessions if feeling ill

Before each session:

  • Will be sure to properly sanitize

  • Will be sure equipment and facility is properly sanitized 

  • Will be sure equipment is ready for client use upon arrival

During each session:

  • Will be sure to wear mask (when within 6ft or not needing to communicate) 

  • Will be sure to keep proper distancing guidelines (when not serving as a spotter - or giving tactile cues where necessary) 

  • Will be sure session is moving along promptly and as scheduled 

After each session:

  • Will be sure to take 3 minutes to answer any questions

  • Will be sure to properly disinfect facility, primary area of last client, and equipment used 

  • Will be sure to allow 10 mins of proper drying time before next client is allowed in facility

After each day:

  • Will be sure to properly defogger the facility using EPA safe and approved chemicals

  • Will be sure facility is ready for the next day ahead


Before session:

  • If feeling ill or sickness of any sort -  stay home

  • Must arrive 3-5 minutes before session time (if earlier, must wait until facility clean and dry)

  • Clients and 1 guardian (if necessary) allowed in facility

  • immediately upon arrival you are required to sanitize (if with guardian, guardian must also sanitize plus wear mask) 

During session:

  • Sessions will last approx. 45-50 mins 

  • Mask is recommended during session 

  • Proper distancing guidelines must be followed

  •  After use of equipment, a wipe down of your used equipment must take place

After session:

  •  3 min debrief for questions, comments, concerns

  • After completion of your session, you must sanitize and promptly exit the facility to allow for a full desanitization so those after you may also have a sanitary environment 

  • If and when any further questions arise from the days session, contact coach via TrueCoach, cell, email

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